Airlines Name correction policy

Are Turkish Airlines name changes on Tickets allowed?


It has been seen that when making flight reservations, travellers may commit mistakes and errors. They may put inaccurate details in the reservation form such as first name and last name. Airlines name change policy allows travellers to alter their wrong names in such cases for easy travelling.

There is nothing to worry about if you have put the wrong name on the form. Minor mistakes can be quickly and conveniently corrected to travel as per the Airlines Name correction policy.

About Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy

According to Turkish Airlines name correction policy, all flight bookings must have the correct first, middle, and last names of the passenger. They must match the government-issued ID or passport of the traveller. Under this policy, you can make spelling corrections. However, it may not support complete name changes. Mainly, the terms and conditions of this policy support name modifications in case of booking errors, marriage, or divorce. You are only allowed to make edits only for one time. Therefore, you must use this policy when it’s highly required.

Terms & Conditions to Make Turkish Airlines Name Change on Ticket

This policy encourages the correction of names due to typos or spelling errors. You cannot change the full name. As changing your name after a wedding or divorce is a legal activity, Turkish airlines permit you to edit your name. However, you may need to submit the official court papers to support your legal entity and name.

Travellers of Turkish Airlines are allowed to make important name changes as long as they adhere to their guidelines. These include:

● To avoid paying a service cost for a name change, passengers should make the necessary modifications within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket.
● After 24 hours of ticket purchasing, you will be charged a fee. Contact customer service to know about the exact name change fee amount.

● One traveller can make a Delta ticket name change only for one time.
● Name changes are only possible before airport check-in.
● Minor changes up to 4 characters in the full name can be corrected.
● When you’ve booked tickets with Miles&Smiles mileage points, you cannot use this policy.
● Online and offline methods are available to make name corrections.
● All bookings that are operated by the carrier as well as issued on TK documents are eligible for name changes.

Ticket Name Change Fee

The cost of a Airlines Name change on ticket is different for all airlines and is approx $300. This fee amount is always the same for all types of service classes, trips, fares, and passengers. The customers would be liable to pay any applicable fare difference.
So, yes, Airlines name changes on tickets are allowed under the Turkish Airlines name change policy. It’s a great facility for customer convenience. Hence, if you ever face a struggle due to the wrong name on Turkish air tickets, seek this policy.

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