What are the advantages of going to study abroad?

629 ViewsAccording to the current expression, “travels form youth”. It is true that going to study abroad is a project with multiple advantages, the main one being to build a future. Learn another language Mastering at least one other language helps broaden one’s ability to communicate and opens up new professional opportunities. However, becoming completely […]

What is the European Health Insurance Card and how do I apply for it?

698 ViewsThere are many reasons for moving to European territory: the tourist attractiveness of countries, their university facilities and international exchange programs to study abroad, the thirst for discovering a new culture, learning another language , a taste for adventure, a temporary job… For example, almost 50,000 students were able to benefit from the Erasmus […]

Why is repatriation assistance insurance essential for traveling or expatriating?

777 ViewsWhy is repatriation assistance insurance essential for traveling or expatriating? repatriation assistance Repatriation assistance, you must certainly hear about it when you look at the travel insurance to take out for your next getaway. It is often said that it is very important, but why exactly?  What is a repatriation? Repatriation can take on […]

A spen travel guide

520 ViewsNo need to introduce Aspen. However, this ski resort with a glamorous and ultra-chic reputation, which precedes it, has not always been the meeting place for skiers and big fortunes. Originally a modest mining town, Aspen seduced industrialists and philanthropists Walter and Elizabeth Paepke in 1949, who imagined the town as an international cultural […]