Family-Friendly Activities to

Family-Friendly Activities to Elevate Your Next Seaside Vacation


There is just something magical about a beach vacation with the whole family. The salty air, sandy toes, and soothing rhythm of the waves create the perfect backdrop for quality time and fun in the sun. But after a couple of days of basking on the shore, someone inevitably asks, “What should we do now?” To that end, this author offers a variety of entertaining seaside activities to keep the good times rolling.

Aquatic Adventures

Of course, splashing in the ocean tops the agenda at any beach getaway. But why not switch things up by renting some rad water toys? Older kids and teens will go crazy for motorized options like jet skis, wave-runners, or small speedboats. Just be sure to have a licensed adult operating them.

The people at Canyon Sports say that for a calmer cruise around the coastline, consider canoe, paddle board or kayak rental for an afternoon. You can turn the paddle board rental into an impromptu yoga session or let little ones explore shallower areas. Mask and snorkel sets provide an up-close peek at marine life too.

Sandy Shenanigans

There is no need to simply laze on your towel all day when you can get those creative juices flowing. One classic is a family sandcastle building competition with different categories like tallest tower, most detailed, or using only natural materials. Award goofy prizes like boardwalk fudge or quirky seashell souvenirs for extra motivation.

For an artistic option, gather small flat stones, shells, driftwood, and other natural supplies for craft making. Glue and paint them into picture frames, figurines, or vibrant mandalas. Bury them in the sand and have others go on a treasure hunt using simple maps you design.

Coastal Expeditions

While water sports and beach games are always holiday hits, do not overlook opportunities to explore the shore’s unique terrain and local attractions. If you are vacationing near hiking trails, parks, or nature preserves, pack up for an educational family walk to spot birds, admire wildflowers or discover lesser-known vistas. Many areas provide guided tours from knowledgeable rangers or operators too.

Consider booking an excursion to really immerse yourselves in the seaside setting and culture. Options could include fishing charters, whale watching cruises, sailing lessons, surfing instruction, lighthouse climbs, coastal museum visits or foodie tours highlighting waterfront fare.

Backyard Bonding

You don’t have to constantly be on-the-go to make incredible memories together, either. Spending quality downtime at your vacation rental can yield some of the most cherished moments. Cozy up for a game night with classic board games, cards, trivia competitions and snacks. For creativity, put together a family talent show or theater production to showcase everyone’s unique skills.

Stargazing on the beach makes for a simple yet profound experience too. Use apps or printed guides to identify constellations, then share your hopes, dreams, and best memories under the vast night sky. And of course, cap off each evening with gooey s’mores around the backyard firepit.

Capture the Memories

Whichever activities you end up trying, be sure to document your family’s precious time at the beach. Appoint a photographer each day to snap candid moments using a digital camera or just phones. You could even invest in an affordable waterproof camera for underwater shots and fun angles. Then compile the footage into shareable video reels and photo albums to cherish for decades.


There is simply no better backdrop for bonding as a family than crashing ocean waves, golden sunsets and warm sands. So gather your crew, brainstorm some ideas from this list, and elevate your next seaside getaway to new heights of fun, adventure and connection.

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