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How can I save money staying in a pg in India?


Relocating to a new country can be an exhilarating journey, albeit one that typically involves a heightened cost of living. Whether a student or a young professional, discovering methods to cut expenses while residing in a Paying Guest (PG) accommodation can significantly impact your budget. This blog will delve into practical strategies for maximizing savings during your stay in a PG. Additionally, you can explore budget-friendly coliving pg in Bangalore , India through reputable providers like Settl.

Opt for the Ideal PG

Choosing the appropriate PG marks the initial stride toward cost-effectiveness. Seek PGs that strike a harmonious balance between cost and comfort. In Bangalore, regions like pg near Prestige Tech Park or pg in Bangalore Marathahalli and Whitefield present various options. Evaluate elements such as location (closeness to your workplace or educational institution), amenities, and rental expenses while finalizing your choice.

Manage Finances

Crafting a budget is crucial for monitoring your expenditures. Enumerate all your monthly outlays, encompassing rent, utilities, groceries, transportation, and entertainment. Assign a designated sum for each category and adhere to it rigorously. Leveraging budgeting applications or spreadsheets can facilitate monitoring your expenses and pinpointing areas where you can trim costs.

Embrace Shared Living

Opting for shared pg in Bangalore accommodation with roommates can curtail your living costs. Dividing expenses such as rent, utility bills, and groceries among housemates contributes to substantial monthly savings. Ensure living habits and financial objectives are compatible when selecting roommates to foster a harmonious living environment.

Opt for Public Transport

Leverage Bangalore’s extensive public transportation network, comprising buses and the Namma Metro. Choosing public transit over cabs or personal vehicles can substantially save commuting costs. Investigate alternatives like monthly transportation passes for added economic benefits.

Economize on Utilities

Exercise prudence in utility consumption. Power downlights, fans, and appliances when not in use. Contemplate adopting energy-efficient bulbs and devices to trim down electricity expenses. Moreover, if you opt for the best pg in Bangalore, like Settl., you can incorporate utilities like Wi-Fi and water into the rent, preventing unforeseen expenditures.

Cut Laundry Costs

Select pg in Bangalore equipped with laundry facilities or washing machines. Conducting your laundry on-site is more economical than relying on commercial laundry services. Additionally, opt for washing with cold water to reduce energy expenses.

Strategize for Future Savings

While economizing on daily expenses is vital, ensure to strategize for long-term savings. Initiate a savings account and consistently allocate a portion of your income. Explore opportunities like fixed deposits or mutual funds to foster the growth of your savings over time.


By carefully selecting an appropriate, fully furnished pg, prudent budgeting, sharing expenses with roommates, and mindful spending, you can enhance your savings while relishing your experience in this dynamic city.

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