organizing a picnic

6 tips for organizing a picnic


Good weather is back ! Long live aperitif sessions and romantic bike rides! Among the small pleasures that the warm season offers us, we naturally remember picnics at the edge of the water, picnicsopen country or “reward picnics” in the mountains after a long hike. As you can see, at every opportunity is good to pull out our finest tablecloth, simmer some appetizers and tarts with seasonal vegetables and nibble outdoors. Picnics are moments of conviviality and sharing, of gluttony and discoveries that allow us to disconnect and escape… even in the park downstairs. For the magic to be complete, we love to fine-tune the details by taking care of the presentation and preparing suitable dishes.

Knowing how to target recipes

Preparing a menu for a picnic may seem easy, but in reality it is quite an art. First rule of thumb, avoid dishes in sauce, untransportable and to be reheated (we remind you that the magic of the picnic requires that there are no microwaves around). This does not necessarily mean opting only for cherry tomatoes. You can also prepare more sophisticated sweet and savory skewers or ensure the presentation of simple things like radishes carved with flowers .

Thinking about drinks

Going to the nearest supermarket to buy bad fruit juices at the last minute is out of the question.

cocktail individual bottles

We pamper the drinks as much as the dishes and we think of distributing our cocktails in personalized and labeled mini glass bottles .

Choosing the crockery

Your great-grandmother’s porcelain crockery will still sleep a little at the back of the cupboard. We opt for plates and cups that are unbreakable, light and if possible recyclable . And as we are very organized, we also think of the pocket to store the dishes . For the rest, long live the recovery! A salad bowl and a cake stand made in a crate will do the trick.

Do not underestimate comfort

The tablecloth is one of the essentials of a successful picnic and despite everything, it is often the big one forgotten on these little outings. However, sitting on a micro plastic bag immediately has less charm. This is why we advise you to opt for a personalized tablecloth. With the time spent making it, you will be less likely to forget it. CQFD.

 country picnic

Excellent alternative to the tablecloth, a pallet and some floor cushions… Perfect for a bohemian and country picnic .


Ensuring the decor

To make your picnic perfectly Instagrammable, don’t skimp on the decor! Take advantage of the branches of a tree to hang lanterns, paper balls or curtains. Surround yourself with greenery, flowers and seasonal fruits to commune with nature! We love the idea of ​​a plant vase for example.

Thinking about activities

Belly full, mind wandering… it would be a shame to leave the place too quickly. Because in a picnic, there is nothing sadder than packing everything up from the last bite or being bored, thinking about activities! We have fun with the family with a balloon dressed in fabric or we improvise a game of angling .

tie-dye notebook

If you prefer to savor a moment alone, don’t forget to bring a personalized notebook to jot down all these thoughts and pretty ideas… In a word, we take advantage of the present moment.

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