TOP 10 RV destinations in Oregon


Oregon is a haven for RV enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of landscapes from rugged coastlines to dense forests, tranquil lakes, and volcanic mountains. Here are the top 10 places in Oregon to take your RV, each with its unique allure:

Crater Lake National Park: Famous for its stunningly deep blue water and the picturesque Crater Lake, this national park offers RV campsites with breathtaking views. The park’s Rim Drive is a must-see for its panoramic views.

Cannon Beach: Known for its iconic Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach provides RV campsites close to the shore. It’s perfect for those who love the sound of waves and enjoy beachcombing, tide pooling, and sunset views.

Mt. Hood National Forest: Offering a blend of lush forested areas and the majestic sight of Mt. Hood, this location is ideal for hiking, fishing, and photography. RV sites here provide a perfect mix of wilderness and comfort.

Bend: Surrounded by natural beauty, Bend is known for its outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, and mountain biking. RV parks in Bend are close to town amenities while still offering easy access to nature.

Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area: This unique landscape of coastal sand dunes is a paradise for adventure lovers. RV camping here allows easy access to activities like dune buggy rides and sandboarding.

Wallowa Lake State Park: Nestled in the northeastern part of Oregon, this park is known for its stunning alpine scenery. RV camping here is ideal for those seeking tranquility and opportunities for wildlife viewing.

Astoria: This historic city at the mouth of the Columbia River offers RV parks with a mix of cultural and natural attractions, including the famous Astoria Column and nearby state parks.

Hood River: Known for its spectacular Columbia River Gorge views and as a windsurfing capital, RV sites in Hood River cater to those who love both water sports and stunning natural scenery.

Smith Rock State Park: A haven for rock climbers and hikers, the park features dramatic rock formations. RV camping here offers easy access to the park’s trails and the scenic Crooked River.

Silver Falls State Park: Known as the ‘crown jewel’ of Oregon’s state parks, it offers a chance to see numerous waterfalls. RV sites here are ideal for those who love hiking and nature photography.

Each of these destinations offers something unique for RV travelers, whether it’s outdoor adventure, breathtaking scenery, or a mix of cultural and natural experiences. Oregon’s varied landscapes ensure that every RV trip can be a memorable one.  Visit Am Solar for your RV solar system needs.

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